Lovin Paw's Grooming:

A clean dog, is a happy dog!

Pet Grooming is a very important topic and we are here to not only pamper your pet, but to also educate you on proper maintenance for a healthy dog coat. 

As your groomer, I will go over coat health, nail and ear cares, mat prevention, flea/tick solutions, skin irritation fixes, and so much more.  

I will recommend helpful products for your dogs coat and teach you ways that will help you after your dog goes home.  

 I feel it is so important for your role as a pet owner is to know how to use the proper tools and how to notice fur matting, dry skin, cracked paw pads, dry nose, ear infections, and when it may be time to take your dog into the vet. 

We will offer full grooming packages for large and small breeds.  There are also al a carte items such as nail trimming, a bath and blow out, we will have maintenance plans as well.  
This will help me as your groomer to also have a positive experience with your pet.